Case Study – Clalit HMO

e-prescriptions and how they affect lives of 4 million citizens and doctors

Clalit HMOThis week for our Case Study A Week series we are proud to showcase our solution for Clalit HMO, the second largest HMO in the world.
Our challenge was to replace the hand written prescriptions doctors gives us to an electronic prescriptions digital solution.

PKI infrastructure to all the physicians – Clalit HMO.

Clalit is the second largest HMO in the world, providing medical services to over 4M patients. Until recently, prescriptions were provided manually only, with the patients required to physically visit their physicians in order to receive their medication prescription and usage instructions. Internal survey also showed that 60-70% of the prescriptions provided by physicians actually do not require any physical checkup in order to be prescribed, wasting the patients’ and the physicians’ time, along with the additional unnecessary paper work to deal with.

The challenge
Replacing hand written prescriptions by electronic ones, by provision of digital certificates and PKI infrastructure to all the physicians of the HMO.

The Solution
Integration of the ComSignTrust Desktop software with a digital certificate embedded with it, enabling more than 3,000 physicians to electronically sign prescriptions and send them to the HMO’s pharmacies, for patients to pick up.


Patient receiving secured prescription directly from physician, preventing forgery

 Saving time and providing more pleasant customer experience to patients

 Saving considerable resources and paper

The Clalit HMO estimates savings of 30 minutes per day per physician enabling them to treat more urgent matters and resulting in approx. 20,000$ annual costs savings per physician

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Written by Chen Furstenberg

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