Case Study – MHC Government e-Archiving

Secure e-Archiving solution for the Israeli government

This week for our “Case Study A Week series” we are proud to showcase our solution for the government ministry of housing and construction.
Our challenge was to dramatically cut down on costs, create efficiency and contribute the basis for the environment-friendly oriented work ethics in the ministry.

e-Archiving to dramatically cut down costs and create efficiency.


The MHC is responsible for all national Housing and Construction projects. They use and archive a lot of paper graphic plans diagrams. The Ministry was used to work with a scanning system that scans to microfilm archiving system.

The challenge
The cost of scanning and microfilm archiving is relatively high. The MHC needed to cut down on costs and create efficient work procedures, contributing to the Ministry’s new ‘environment-friendly oriented’ work ethics.

The Solution
The ComSignTrust Desktop solution was installed on the existing MHC’s IT infrastructure and was integrated with the Ministry’s scanning solution. All documents were digitally signed with Qualified Signatures, binding all of them legally for any purpose..


Efficient, timely decision and action on municipality decisions

Dramatic reduction of related resources and costs

 Cost effective solution

User friendly interface

High esteem and better reputation in terms of a “Green World Policy”

Immediate ROI

For more case studies and info please visit our main case study page.

Written by Chen Furstenberg

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