The latest Banking Trojan caused the bank to lose revenue but that’s not their only problem!

bank hacking

The latest Banking Trojan caused the bank to lose revenue but that’s not their only problem!

Let’s start with a bird view on the latest banking Trojan and dive into the hacker’s methodology.

bank hacking

bank malware, hacking the bank

The picture was taken from Securelist blog, link to the full article

Customers expect brands and companies that serve them to protect them, especially when it comes to sensitive information and activities.

The latest attack on Israeli banks and to be more accurate on Israelis bank accounts, is not only a loss of revenue but also a loss of the public trust and credibility.


data security- data hacking eng

Picture provided from Zohar Urian’s gsma-2016 slide

This attack was carefully planned and the hackers chose to attack the weakest link- the public! The malware infected customer’s computers that were completely unprotected.

This latest attack should cause security chiefs a great discomfort as the current “user name and password” method is simply not enough! Hackers are excellent in what they do and they are getting to be even more sophisticated with time.

Not only banks and financial institutions should re- think about their security methods but every organization that holds and deals with personal privet data of its clients like government offices, healthcare business, etc.

The technology is out there:

  • OTP methodology- One Time Password methodology send the user a token that is valid for only a short period of time and ensuring that only properly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data.
  • PKI– Public Key Interface allows users to exchange data in a secure manner using both public and privet keys. Read more

So what’s keeping banks, financial institutions and others from using these technologies?

Sadly it’s the fear of providing the public a somewhat more complicated authentication method that prevent organizations using the right authentication technologies.

As Ford said: if we were to ask the public what they need, they would tell us they need a better horse!

Organization should lead the transformation to a highly secure authentication method, this is what your clients expect you to.

One last issue to learn from this banking trojan attack – Getting Prepared!

You can assume that hacker attacks will accrue and at times you won’t be able to prevent them but the important thing you can do is to learn from it and understand hacker’s methodology in order to prevent the next Trojan.

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Digital Signature determines the world of tomorrow

digital signature

Digital Signature determines the world of tomorrow

digital signature

digital signature

It is well known that the bureaucracy all over the world, both in private offices and state departments, has always sought for efficient strategies to handle their documents both in paper and inside screens. This efficiency is a manner of the green environment motive but it's also about security: Who guarantees that one has really signed a certain paper? Usually, when one has to receive a bank cheque from someone else he might want to identify him first, for example – by checking his ID. When one member in The Board of Directors in a private company sends an E-mail to his colleague, how does the receiver guarantees it is really him? In this case, digital signature could not be more relevant than ever.

Private key/Public key identification infrastructure

Although Digital signature is not based on a single algorithm, the basics remain the same:

  • Public Key – The known key of the signature owner: It is exposed to the public.
  • Private Key – The secret key of the signature owner. Only he can use it.
  • Hashing – Although not always necessary, it creates an encrypted code of identification.

The basic algorithm works like this: The sender sends the E-mail message digitally signed with his private key and with the recipient's public key. The recipients, however, clarifies the message with the sender's public key, and then opens it with his own private key.

Another algorithm is based on hashing, and based on it, the sender can join a hashing code to the message, using the allowed hashing method (in Israel, the officials do not permit hashing less than the SHA2 method), and sign both the message and the hashing with his private key and the recipient's public key. The recipient, however, clarifies the message with the sender's public key, and then clarifies with his private key that the hashing code is the same as the origin – which was added by the sender.

Examples of common use in digital signature

  1. Home users – They want to clarify that bills like electricity and property aren't fishing messages.
  2. Cooperatives – private cooperatives use digital signature for secure customer relations.
  3. Customer Services – The service can be given to the customer without printing papers.
  4. Bureaucracy – Big bureaucratic offices such as regional planning units or ministries of interiors.

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How to Install ComSignTrust Desktop in 5 Simple Clicks

digital sign2

Here is the first video tutorial on how to install ComSignTrust desktop software with 5 simple clicks.
ComSignTrust desktop is your personal digital signature solution for signing every file format that you want. With ComSignTrust desktop you can digitally sign PDF's, word, Excel, XML, Power point documents and much more with ease and a with a single click.
ComSignTrust desktop is your on premise digital signature solution for the office or for you home work station. ComSignTrust desktop installs on your personal computer and runs in the background. For every PDF file you want to sign you can easily sign with just right clicking with your mouse. You can sign digitally, securely and safely with  ComSignTrust desktop digital signature solution.

Here are just a few highlights of what you can accomplish signing with ComSignTrust desktop:

  1. Data workflow – Improve the efficiency of your workflow and process save time and money
  2. Manual tasks – Forget printing, signing, scanning and sending processes just click
  3. Multiple signatures – I'ts not just for you, you can multi sign on one document with ease
  4. Eliminates costs – Cut costs of document handling, storage and more
  5. Digital Time-Stamping – Reliable signatures with time stamping capabilities.
  6. More …

In our next tutorials you can learn exactly how to digitally sign a pdf document using ComSignTrust desktop.

Digital Signature on pdf option #1 – video | option #2 – video

8 Online Tools for Small Businesses to Save Money Today.

digital sign

In today’s economy we all seek to save a buck here and there when we can. For small businesses each buck they can save is a buck worth saving. The advanced technology landscape offers a wide range of tools for individuals and small businesses to save. Here are 8 Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money with Online Tools every month.

By Chen Furstenberg | 09.14.2014

With the GasBuddy application you can find the Cheap Gas Prices all around the US and Canada
Come and join more than 45 million drivers that are saving real money every time they fill up by using the GasBuddy app. Are you sick and tired of gas prices increasing every single day? Well you’re in luck; the GasBuddy app can save you a few pennies. GasBuddy app gives you an almost complete list of the gas stations near you, the price per gallon, and directions to the gas station. GasBuddy app uses gas price information provided by users all around the country to bring drivers together and to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Not bad for a free app.

Fine Scanner
Scan multipage documents from paper and save in PDF or JPEG
Fine Scanner by ABBYY transforms your mobile smart phone or tablet into a powerful scanner and even a document manager that allows you to capture images and text quickly and easily and transforming them to secure and sharable instant documents. Ideal for small business, you can use your mobile built in camera to scan documents, agreements, notes and even presentation slides and save the results in PDF or JPEG formats. Powered by ABBYY’s unique and multiple award-winning image processing technology, the FineScanner application is fast, effective, and delivers very high quality results.

Click2Sign by ComSignTrust
Sign documents anytime, anywhere and from any device simple and fast
Click2sign by ComSignTrust lets you sign documents on the go from any device. With an easy UI you can upload your document, sign it online and send it by mail with a click. Click2sign by comsigntrust is an html5 based application so you can sign documents from any type of device, web or mobile. With Click2Sign by ComSignTrust the online digital signature solution you can sign any file quickly and easily then ever before.

EasyBiz Plus
Mileage Tracker & Vehicle Expense Log. The modern day mileage app for the modern day worker
Simply put, this app is the newest, quickest, and most efficient mileage tracking app built for small business owners and employees. The EasyBiz application utilizes a unique, UI and targeted the necessary bare essentials of what small business need to track mileage. Just click "export" for fully, pre-organized, tax return reports and send them wherever or to whomever you need.

File Manager
Download, organize and view all your files on your Smartphone with a swipe
File Manager is one of the the best application when it comes to small business that are eager to download, organize and view all their files on smart phones. Have your documents right at your fingertips for ease of use and quick deployment. File Manager lets you connect to a large variety of cloud services, such as Dropbox or Box.com. The intuitive user interface is amazingly simple and makes organizing your content just a breeze.

Private social network that helps small and large business stay on top of it all
Yammer is a truly like a private social network that helps small and large business to stay on top of it all. Yammer allows you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organize around projects so you can go further – faster. Yammer mobile application allows you to keep on top of what’s going on, even when you’re on the go! Collaborate and share ideas together in real time, no matter where you are.
There are so many tools and application out there that small business owner can use to save a pretty penny at the end of the month. Do you know some more? We would love to hear about them and your experience with them. Now it’s your turn.

Give your business the website it deserves! Turn your Facebook page into a professional website in under 20 seconds
Otonomic.com is not just a free web site builder; it’s also your perfect platform for all your business needs. Make a free website in less than 20 seconds; let otonomic turn your Facebook page into a professional website with only one click!
Whenever you post something on your Facebook page, it immediately appears on your Otonomic site. You can just kick back; enjoy sharing news, pictures and whatever else you feel like on Facebook. Do you need more features? SEO friendly features? E-Shop? There are tons of feature to pick from even if you’re not a techie.

Google for work
The best of Google, now for work
Google for Work provides the freedom to work the way you live, so you can make great things happen, from wherever. Google for work apps is a set of cloud-based tools that helps you and your team collaborate and get things done from anywhere, on virtually any device. With the Google Cloud Platform you can build, deploy, scale, and manage your apps, websites, and services on the very same infrastructure that runs Google. Google Search for Work quickly connects your customers & employees to the information they care about.

The gig economy, free your time to do business by outsourcing your tasks
Fiverr.com is an online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at $5 per task. Need someone to write your next blog article? Or to proofread your user manual or even just make you a marketing video presentation? Online marketplace Fiverr is where you’d get those things done. With amazing sellers and creative talents from across the globe, you can outsource your tasks for as little as 5$ and free you’re time to do some serious money.

Over to you
What are the tools you are using in your business to save some money? Do you have special tools that you prefer? Did you try one of these tools? Did they save you a buck or two? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
Chen Furstenberg is the New Media Manager at ComSignTrust and can be reached at chenf@comsigntrust.com. Like this article? You can find some more great tips, tricks and posts on ComSignTrust blog and website.


digital signature

These days there is a lot of hype regarding Cloud products and SAAS services. Even in the digital signature field everything is moving to the cloud, but what about on-premises digital signature solution? What if my data is private, important and sensitive and I want to keep it protected in house? Here is where the ComSignTrust™ products come in to play.

An on-premises digital signatures solutions are the preferred way of companies especially enterprises to control and secure their data and online signatures in the best way possible. Enterprises in the field of medical, health care, government and other areas are bound by state and federal laws to secure and protect their data and signature flow by strict guidelines in which on-premises digital signature is a mandatory.

Written by Chen Furstenberg



Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with internet login scr


Certified digital signatures are smart digital identities. This means an individual was personally certified by an authorized element and issued a personal/enterprise digital signature that cannot be forged, cannot be denied and meets all the legal requirements. The modern technological world needs it for almost all forms of contact between supplier and customer, service agreements, commitments and more.
Read more here


Accessibility Password Privacy Security Protection Concept

Electronic signature or Digital Signature is a way for data encryption using a private encryption key. The private key is used for signing and the public key is used to verify the signature.
Here is a short presentation on how does digital signature work and what is a digital signature.




As the world quickly progresses to a mobile way of doing things, new brilliant mobile apps keep popping up just like mushrooms after the rain – along with their “toxic” side effects… Vulnerabilities related to NFC Data Exchange.
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Customer service centers that are running behind in aspects related to service, speed, technology, design and security, may lose business to those who are up to date reaching intelligent, well-informed business driving decisions.
Tired of the long lines of irritated customers in your service center? Frustrated with the paper jams and printers running out of ink? Are you wasting a lot of time and money on locating, printing, mailing and storing all of your documents? Well, it’s all understandable. That’s the old way of doing things…
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‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market’ (eIDAS) regulation
Accessibility Password Privacy Security Protection Concept

ComSignTrust welcomes European Parliament’s new ‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market’ (eIDAS) regulation. ComSignTrust considers the new regulation as a significant step towards a more secure digitalized market environment in Europe, increasing trust in electronic transactions and digital signatures.  EU’s requirement for a mandatory certification of qualified electronic signature creation devices, by appropriate public or private bodies, boosts the security level and enhances the authenticity of the electronic identification.

More laws and regulation in the Digital Signature field