Certified digital signatures are smart digital identities. This means an individual was personally certified by an authorized element and issued a personal/enterprise digital signature that cannot be forged, cannot be denied and meets all the legal requirements. The modern technological world needs it for almost all forms of contact between supplier and customer, service agreements, commitments and more.
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‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market’ (eIDAS) regulation

ComSignTrust welcomes European Parliament’s new ‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market’ (eIDAS) regulation. ComSignTrust considers the new regulation as a significant step towards a more secure digitalized market environment in Europe, increasing trust in electronic transactions and digital signatures.  EU’s requirement for a mandatory certification of qualified electronic signature creation devices, by appropriate public or private bodies, boosts the security level and enhances the authenticity of the electronic identification.

More laws and regulation in the Digital Signature field


ComsignTrust and the EU Commission on e-Signatures.

We are pleased to announce that ComsignTrust will take part at a two day seminar organized by the European Commission on e-Signatures for e-business transactions Southern Mediterranean Region. The digital signature industry has a major roll in the digital agenda of Europe and we are pleased to take part in establishing the future digital agenda.european-union-logo

The objective

To evaluate the capability to securely access services and to carry secure transactions across EU borders is a keystone of the Digital Agenda for Europe

The wide-spread secure electronic transactions in the region could help to create new partnerships and to increase cooperation opportunities between companies with as a result the improvement of the value chain of sectors concerned, such as IT industries, call centres, textile and clothing, small and medium manufacturers, tourism, agro-food, green technologies, etc.

One of the main objectives of this seminar is to provide conclusions and recommendations for further actions regarding the deployment of e-Signatures.

Expected results and main activities

To develop intra-regional e-business, electronic transactions should work across borders and should be trusted to create confidence between business partners.Confidence depends among others on the reliable identification of transacting parties including new potential partners, the exchange of non-forgettable documents like contracts, invoices or custom documents, or the availability of authenticated websites. An essential instrument to that end is the e-Signatures together with related trusted services. E-business also depend on the availability of efficient electronic services often based on e-Signatures like cross-border electronic public procurement platforms, business portals, administrative process to provide services in another country, electronic payment system.

Our CEO, Mr. Zeev Shetach will take part as one of the keynote speakers at the seminar. Zeev will be presenting on E-Trust services in the Mediterranean.

At the end of the two day seminar we will post Mr.Shetach presentation following some highlights and impressions from the e-Signatures for e-business Seminar.

Written by Chen Furstenberg