How to Install ComSignTrust Desktop in 5 Simple Clicks

Here is the first video tutorial on how to install ComSignTrust desktop software with 5 simple clicks.
ComSignTrust desktop is your personal digital signature solution for signing every file format that you want. With ComSignTrust desktop you can digitally sign PDF’s, word, Excel, XML, Power point documents and much more with ease and a with a single click.
ComSignTrust desktop is your on premise digital signature solution for the office or for you home work station. ComSignTrust desktop installs on your personal computer and runs in the background. For every PDF file you want to sign you can easily sign with just right clicking with your mouse. You can sign digitally, securely and safely with  ComSignTrust desktop digital signature solution.

Here are just a few highlights of what you can accomplish signing with ComSignTrust desktop:

  1. Data workflow – Improve the efficiency of your workflow and process save time and money
  2. Manual tasks – Forget printing, signing, scanning and sending processes just click
  3. Multiple signatures – I’ts not just for you, you can multi sign on one document with ease
  4. Eliminates costs – Cut costs of document handling, storage and more
  5. Digital Time-Stamping – Reliable signatures with time stamping capabilities.
  6. More …

In our next tutorials you can learn exactly how to digitally sign a pdf document using ComSignTrust desktop.

Digital Signature on pdf option #1 – video | option #2 – video

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